Limb pads of a domestic dog
Types of Pads on a Dog's Paw

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Limb Pad
Cushion-like part of animal foot.
The tough, superficial cutis (outer layer of skin) of the pad is keratinized and hairless. Under the cutis is the thick subcutis. The fatty (adipose) tissue of the subcutis provides a cushion to absorb shock during locomotion.
Pads are connected to bones by connective (collagenous) tissue.
Limb pads are of four types:

1)  carpal pads. Those of cats and dogs do not usually contact the ground.
2) metacarpal (or metatarsal) pads. Commonly known as heel pads.
3)   digital pads. Commonly known as toe pads.
4)   dew claw pads, usually on forelimb only.